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Most strollers fit parents shorter than 5'5".  Taller parents lean forward and down to reach the stroller handle because it's too low for them.

This unnatural posture results in fatigue, neck and back strain.

The Stroller Handle Extender attaches quickly and securely to your stroller's handle with sturdy Velcro straps.  It lengthens the handle by approximately 8 inches allowing taller parents -like you - to walk comfortably upright.. 


The Stroller Handle Extender:

  •     Attaches quickly and securely with  Velcro straps
  •     Installs without tools
  •     Has a cushy foam grip for comfort and to prevent slipping
  •     Improves posture and stride
  •     Reduces neck and back strain
  •     Detaches easily
    •   (Strollers can be folded with Extender in place)
  •     Fits most strollers
  •     Also fits most lawn mowers!
  •    Costs less than 1 visit to the Chiropractor!

   Only $24.95US*

*Plus shipping and handling

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The Stroller Handle Extender has been proudly manufactured by MB Solutions  in Ontario, Canada since 1995.  It is available throughout Canada and the U.S. through retail outlets and catalogues.

This is what our customers have to say about The Stroller Handle Extender:

"My husband is 6'2".  He can finally take our son out by himself.  We tried every stroller we could find -  even the 'big wheels.'  My cousin told me about your extension handle and it works great!"    

 L. Stein, Memphis, TN

"Thanks!  Now I can roller blade with Jeremy!  I love it!"

J. George, Lake Placid, NY

"Finally I can walk without kicking the stroller!"

E. Truckle, Toronto, Canada

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